Join the Apex Extractions Fresh Club

Get a curated monthly shipment of award-winning and limited batch extracts delivered to your door

Everything You Need to Know About Our Monthly Subscription Club

Fresh Club Members will receive a monthly box of the freshest and rarest cannabis products Apex Extractions can offer.

Members can choose a box of concentrates or a box of pens.

The concentrate box includes a total of 3 jars of concentrate at 1 gram each. The pen box includes 3 units of .5 gram pens for a total of 1.5 grams.

Cannabis concentrates lose flavor intensity over time and the distribution process delays getting product into consumer hands.

Because we'll know demand in advance we can time your shipment to maximize flavor intensity. 

 Each monthly shipment will cost $139, and this also includes delivery costs and excise taxes.

The only cost not included is local taxes, which will vary based upon your address. These taxes are the same ones that would apply if you purchased at the dispensary.

All in, members receive exclusive pricing that amounts to about $20 off retail.

Payment will be due only at the time of delivery.

Your local delivery partner will let you know when your shipment is ready and arrange delivery.

They will process payment at the time of delivery. 

If you subscribe between July 11-31, you'll get your first shipment in early August 2019.

After that, shipments will go out regularly by the 15th of each month to anyone who has signed up by the 1st of the month.

(For example, Jon signs up on August 25, 2019. Since the August shipment was delivered by 8/15, he'll get his first shipment in September, by 9/15.)

If you're over 21 and are a California resident, then the answer is likely YES.

See the next question to confirm if you live in an area that's covered by one of our delivery partners.

Our delivery partners cover Greater Sacramento, The Bay Area, Los Angeles and nearly all of SoCal.

Go ahead and submit the signup form anyway and we'll get back to you.

If we do cover your area, we'll sign you up. If not, we'll put you on a priority list to be notified when we do roll out the program in your area.

The more interest we have from your area, the more quickly we can secure a delivery partner to cover you. 

Of course, when you join, your confirmation email will also include details on how to cancel.

You can do so at anytime. 

Yep.  A few days before the month begins, we'll remind you to let us know if you don't want to get your upcoming monthly shipment. 

Join the Apex Fresh Club

Enter your contact information to sign up for a curated monthly delivery of Apex Extraction' best concentrates, including Cannabis Cup winners or other reserve production.

After you complete this form, we'll be in touch to schedule your delivery and take payment information. *Only California Residents are eligible.*
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