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Our History

Founded in 2017, Apex extractions was one of the first licensed cannabis manufacturers and distributors in the state of California.  From the first day of operation, our focus has been to create the highest quality product at an affordable price point for our customers.  We have employed Demmings continuous improvement manufacturing process at every step of our operation.  We honor the pioneers of the space and have a team of operators that include those with a long history in cannabis and involvement in the effort to bring the healing properties of cannabis to everyone.  Our belief in the healing properties of this wonderful plant has led to our focus on capturing the essence of its properties in our advanced oils.  The Apex Pure Spectrum ™ is only available from Apex and provided an unadulterated experience that is second to none which has been recognized as Apex has become one of the most highly awarded brands in the marketplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the highest quality, most consistent cannabis experience available, while also providing unmatched value to our customers and partners.

Our Promise: Purity, Quality, Value

Our expert extractors work hand-in-hand with our cultivation partners to preserve the full spectrum of the plant’s properties, creating the purest form of cannabis available, at an incredible price point.

When you see Pure Spectrum Oil, know that you are getting the purest and cleanest form of the cannabis experience.