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Pure Spectrum Extracts

No terpenes, distillate, cannabinoids, flavors, or oils are ever added or removed from this 100% pure product.

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    BOOM BOOM..Great high all over! Fruity taste. highly recommend

    (Cherry Bomb - 1g Concentrate)

    - TuckL, Weedmaps, CA.

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    Amazing high. Great terpene profile paired with a good high, great way to end a long day of work, or night out with friends.

    (Papaya Punch - 0.5g Infused Preroll)

    - SmoovDoob, Weedmaps, CA.

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    Good flavor. I bought this one again. Good high. Would get again.

    (Horchata - 1g Concentrate)

    -Lonewolf5, Weedmaps, CA.